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How To Fix Certain EMC Hardware Problems

How to replace a LV power supply

    Please do this only if directed by the EMC group (commissioner). and consult Safety Guide
  1. First make sure the PS really needs to be replaced. (i.e. Is it dead, or is it just giving strange readings?) Cycle the power using the black button on the PS (please count to 10 before turning it on). If you're sure the PS needs to be replaced, proceed to the next step. (Sure sign would be the persistent red LED)
  2. Get a spare power supply from the cabinet upstairs. The spares are kept in the cabinet on the right-hand side. Click for Floor plan (The key for the cabinet door is marked "IR-2 EMC" and located inside the beige key box right above the first aid kit next to the stationary cabinets in the control room).
  3. Turn off the broken PS.
  4. Pull out the broken PS and replace with new one. The green circuit board goes on the guide rails.
  5. Turn on the new PS. Green LED should come alive.
  6. Mark the broken power supply and either hand it to the EMC commissioner or leave it at a mutually agreed location.
  7. If the PS was for a TRB, then wait for the EMC expert for further instruction (all corresponding IOBs need to be power cycled).

How to replace a UPC ROM

    You need to coordinate this replacement with the dataflow group. Follow the steps below ONLY if permitted to do so by ODF.
  1. Coordinate your actions with the shiftleader. Give yourself at least 15min for the critical part (items 3-12).
  2. Get a spare UPC from the bench upstairs, check it out on the sheet next to the spares. Click for Floor plan
  3. Turn off the crate (red switch).
  4. Disconnect the 3 fibers and the trigger cable.
  5. Unlock the ROM by pushing ejector handles outward (upper one up, loewr one down). On some ROMs this may turn out to be a serious workout.
  6. Carefully pull out the ROM.
  7. On the new ROM, set the correct address by copying the DIP switch setting from the one you just removed.
  8. Insert the new ROM in the empty slot's guide rails and carefully slide it in.
  9. For the last inch, push ejector handles outward, then press ROM into place. The handles should tilt inwards a little.
  10. Now pull ejector handles inwards all the way, pressing the ROM into the crate at the same time.
  11. Reconnect fibers and trigger cable. The fibers are color-coded with blue (A), yellow (B), or no tape (C).
  12. Turn crate back on. Make sure fans are running at full speed.
  13. Mark the broken UPC and place it next to the spares, front panel facing the wall.
  14. Make an entry in the sheet 'Crap UPCs'.
  15. Report the replacement.

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