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Minutes of February 19 Background Remediation video meeting

  1. News from the machine
  2. Several days were unfortunately necessary to recover from the big transformer accident on Sunday. The vibrations induced by this induced some leaks in the LER. Some benefit of the preceding scrubbing has there been lost. The 1 hour lifetime at 1 Amp milestone will be therefore missed

  3. Preparation for the collaboration meeting.
  4. The sessions assignments have been made in agreement with Tom. The BR parallel session will be held

    Wednesday at 11 am devoted to BABAR-PEP-II liaison team and the miniplenaries will start at 11 am on Thursday: first subdetector reports then strategies for run start

    3 News from EPICS

    Adrian Mc Kemey reported on some experience with the EPICS archiver. It is not stable enough yet to be reliably. Discussion will be needed at the collaboration meeting to make a precise assessment of the situation.

  5. Discussion on PEP-II liaison team.
  6. The plan has been agreed to. The training week will be held from March 29 to April 1

    (tentative dates). There are 12 volunteers. Please do not wait to register.

  7. Report from other action items

Carsten reported on the exposure expt to the SVT module. It was placed near a beam dump and 6000mA were dumped causing about 1 Mrad dose in the module. A linear increase of the leakage current was observed from 7 to 70 uA. The module has been sent for inspection to evaluate precisely the damage. A PIN diode located nearby showed a saturation of its leakage current after around 1 Mrad.

Guy reported that it will not be possible to use the Or Analog output from the DIRC Front end cards as a fast signal for abort because it saturates too soon. A signal coming directly from a PMT can however be used without any problem.