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Detailed agenda of the Background Remediation Workshop Jan13-15 1999, Pom/Flora Conference Room


Wednesday Jan 13

Session 1, 9.00-10.30 am , chair Witold Kozanecki

PEP-II status and Plans


Introduction to PEP-II machine backgrounds (T. Mattison, 20')

Lessons from PEP-II background experiments - present & future (W. Kozanecki, 35') 1-2

Vacuum issues & machine upgrades (J. Seeman, 20')

Session 2 , 11.00-12.30 am , chair Adrian McKemey

Detector Operations (Part 1)


SVT C. Hast 20

CAL A. McKemey 20

DCH A. Roodman 20

TRG F. Kral 20

Summary discussions and actions items 10

Session 3 , 2.30-4.00 pm , chair Adrian McKemey

Detector Operations (Part 2)


DRC B. Wilson 20

IFR H. Band 20

ONL postponed on Thursday

Babar Operation State machine I. Karyokatis 20

Summary discussions and actions items 10

Session 4, 4.30 pm 6 pm, chair Tom Mattison

BABAR-PEP-II Communications


Beam-abort and injection control T. Mattison 15

Liaison with PEP-II control room G. Wormser 30

BABAR Epics<--> PEP-II EPICS link P. Anthony 15

BABAR acquisition of PEP-II data G. Abrams 10

PEP-II acquisition of BABAR data T. Mattison 10

Summary 10

Thursday Jan 14

Session 5, 9.00-10.30 am , chair Tom Mattison

Experiences from other machines

Experience from SLC/SLD T. Usher 20

Questions 10

Experience from CESR/CLEO D. Cinabro 15 (CESR/CLEO display)

Questions 15

Experience from LEP T. Mattison 15

Questions and summary 15


Session 6 , 11.00-12.30 am , chair P. Burchat

Background monitoring and Detector protection (part 1)


ONL operation (moved from Wednesday) G. Dubois-Fellsmann

Requirements for a Background Monitoring Sensor - Guy Wormser

PIN Diode Monitoring and Beam-Abort System Tim Meyer

SVT D. Kirkby


Session 7: 2.00-3.30 pm , chair G. Wormser

Background monitoring and Detector protection (part 2)


EMC (including RADFETs) A. McKemey

DCH D. Coupal

TRG F. Kral (included in yesterday talk)

Session 8: 4.00-5.30 pm, chair P. Burchat

Background monitoring and Detector protection (part 3)


DRC B. Wilson

IFR H. Band

Discussion on extra shielding including results from T. Geld

Friday Jan 15

Session 9 , 11.00-12.30 am, chair T. Geld

Background Simulation

BBSim Introduction and disucssion T. Geld

TURTLE introduction T. Fieguth

Background Frames J. Cochran

Background rates M. Ronan

Updates SVT occupancies C. Hast


- Simulation of background monitoring devices

- Using background frames vs. bbsim standalone

- Comparing Babar backgrounds and simulation



Session 10, 2.00-3.30 pm, chair B. Jacobsen

Detector performances (part 1)

SVT N. Kuznetsova

DCH S. Wagner


Session 11, 4.00-5.30 pm, chair B. Jacobsen

Detector performances (part 2)

EMC P. Strother

IFR R. de Sangro


Session 12: 5.30 6.00pm: Workshop Conclusion

Conclusion and outlook G. Wormser 20