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Minutes of the BRSC (Background Remediation SteeringCommittee) held on December 10.


Present : A. Lankford, G. Dubois-Feldsman, A. McKemey, P. Burchat, T.Geld, T. Mattison, W. Kozanecki, G. Wormser

0/ Composition

Neil Geddes has declined the offer to serve. Andy Lankford

and Gregory Dubois-Feldsman have been contacted.

1/Discussion of goals, milestones and tools of the Background remediation task.

These points are detailed in the transparencies prepared for the BABAR gettogether meeting on Dec 3. (to be found on the BR web page). The list of contact persons for subsystems both hardware and offline is now complete.

2/ Best way to express questions for offline studies

Most studies are presently based on the TDRx10 background simulations. Although this constitutes a big step forward, it is not of course the final word. Two possible approaches : explore the new nominal background times n (which and how many n values?) and/or throw random noise hits of various levels. Since Bob Jacobsen was not there, this item will be reviewed later.

3/ Preparation of the January workshop

12 sessions of 90 minutes each are available. Unanimous desire to invite outside expert from CLEO/CESR and SLC/SLD to benefit from their experience.

*****Action item : Invite Dave Cinabro (Terry) , Tracy Usher (GW)

(Note added 16/12: Dave has been contacted and has accepted to come. Tracy has also been contacted. No answer yet)

Preliminary list of sessions:

Present PEP-II background understanding . PEP-II plans (WK)

Experience from other colliders (TM)

Detector operation (2) (AMK)

Detector protection (2) (PB)

Detector performances(2) (BJ)

background monitoring sensors (GW)

BABAR-PEP-II communications (TM)

Background simulation (TG)

Physics (PB)

Steering committee members are invited to comment/precise this list with speakers,etc..

*****Action item: prepare in detail the agenda of each session. (in

parentheses, a proposal for asking some of you to take responsability for

organizing a specific session.)

Decide whether the sessions should be grouped by theme or by detector

Contact the detector contact persons to get their ideas on this point (A.


4/ Agenda of next wekly meeting sessions

Dec 18 : Detector protection

Jan 8: No full agenda since it will be otherwise duplicate work to be

presented at the workshop.

Since the need was expressed to have more details from each subdetector about their online aspects , I proposed after the meeting to have a short report of each subdetector on that topic data size, time needed to send data, time spent in feature extraction.

5/ Plans for experiments

The plans for studying BABAR subdetector responses to PEP-II exposure will coninue to be dealt with in Tom Mattison’s commissioning group. The need for planning a BABAR PEP-II communication before the end of their common commissioning time Jan 30 was reaffirmed. A early test can be done while the machine is down.

*********Action Item: call a meeting with all interested parties to plan this Babar-PEPII experiment (Babar run coordination, Perry Anthony, T.

Mattison, W. Kozanecki, P. Burchat, A. McKemey, PEP-II people,GW, who

else) (Tom Himel, can you give the list of PEP-II people needed at such a meeting) and fix a date for the experiment before January 30.

6/Next meeting: Jan 6 at 8 30 am Pacific Time by phone

Could those that were unable to attend the first meeting can confirm

that this date is OK?