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Actions items Assignments

The action item below are assigned to the individuals named in parenthesis. The date indicated is when they will present their initial plans with schedule and milestone(s).

  1. Protection
    1. Re-estimate the radiation damage in the CsI calorimter per year under the June 1999 assumptions. Produce a quantitative damage figure of merit. (e.g. reconstruction efficiency of 200 MeV pi0s) (A .Mc Kemey, 5/2)
    2. Instrument an input to the Beam abort system using an appropriate technology for the background sensor in the forward calorimeter and in the Drift Chamber Electronics areas. (Aaron Roodman 29/1, A. Mckemey, 5/2)
    3. Measure SVT sensitivity to radiation damage without bias voltage. (C. Hast, 29/1)
  2. Online Issues
    1. Implement a systematic check of the SVT FEE registers as frequently as required and at least at the end of each run. Extend this check to the other subsystems as time permits. (M. Huffer, 29/1)
    2. Estimate the BABAR event size as a function of background level and its consequences. (Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, 29/1)
    3. Implement dead time monitoring in the DAQ system (Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, 12/2)
  3. Shielding
    1. Put in place a lead curtain on the forward side (incoming LER) . Define its optimal thickness. (John Seeman, T. Geld, 5/2)
    2. Put in place a concrete wall on the backward side (incoming HER). Define its optimal thickness (John Seeman, T. Geld, 5/2)
    3. Investigate possibilities of shielding in backward Q2/Q4 region (G. Wormser, 5/2)
  4. Communications
    1. Implement monitoring of BABAR sensors in PEP-II control room (5/2)
    2. Investigate feasibility and design with PEP-II a summary display with crucial BABAR/PEP-II operation parameters. (?,12/2)
    3. Put in place and train a BABAR-PEP-II liaison group (G. Wormser, 12/2)
    4. Make available history charts in EPICS (G. Abrams, 12/2)
  5. Operation
    1. Implement a hardware interlock between DCH_HV_ON, SVT_bias_ON and No_Inject. (C. Hast, A. Roodman, 29/1)
    2. Demonstrate a BABAR-PEPII hand-shake cycle. Measure the time it takes (J. Olsen, 29/1)
    3. Improve operation limits on DC and IFR high voltages systems.(A. Roodman, H. Band, 5/2)
  6. Offline
    1. Define recommendations for background frame production Done
    2. Produce the frames. (C. Young, 5/2)