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PEP News from MCC

Here is a short and non-exhaustive summary of the PEP meetings held on Tuesday 03 and Thursday 05 April at MCC.

Tuesday Meeting :

  • LER x-tune has been lowered, closed to 1/2 integer (last thursday).
  • HER LFB still not working.
  • HER BPM8012 not working... blind HER Y-angle.
  • hints of vacuum burst in the HER.
  • Plans:
  • fix HER LFB/BPM
  • Try to run HER RF 12-6
  • Install PM skew quads (gain 30% LER vertical emittance)
  • continue the fast dither commissioning
  • increase HER RF voltage

PEP down: leak in LCLS construction area!

  • Tuesday: all water lines (LCW and domestic) turned off: all magnets down: Pictures
  • Wednesday: leak found on domestic pipe: fixed in the evening.
  • Thursday: magnets turned on.
  • Beams on: