PEP vacuum

The vacuum conditions in the rings are constantly monitored. Along the HER and the LER, the pressure is measured at different locations. When there are beams in the machine, the pressure is higher than where there are no beams (the pressure in absence of beams is called base pressure), because of an effect called dynamic pressure. In the background report are usually shown the pressure values in the two rings near the interaction points for both HER and LER, incoming and outgoing. The pressure can be measured by vacuum pumps (VP), by cold cathode vacuum gauges (VGCC) or hot filament vacuum gauges (VGH). The vacuum gauges, and expecially the hot filament ones, give the most reliable mesure of the pressure.
At the moment, the pumps/gauges shown in the report are: (click on the pump/gauge name to see the relative plot)
Incoming LER:
Outgoing LER
Incoming HER
Outgoing HER Those plots are shown together with the plots of the radiation dose detected by the BW and BE SVTRAD diamonds (respectively for the HER and for the LER) in order to correlate the possible vacuum activity near the IP with the background seen in the detector.

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