Template page heading

This is a template HTML file for use by BaBarians when creating new web pages for inclusion in the BaBar web. It is part of the continuing mission to standardise the look and feel of our web pages. Note that this page will also be wrapped with the navigation banner and sidebars in the new web. Exactly which navigation banner and sidebars will be used depends upon where in the BaBar web the page is placed.

Instructions for using this template

Use your web browser to save this HTML file as an appropriately named file in your local directory; then edit the file and replace the following dummy information with appropriate text:
  1. The contents fields of the "author" and "keywords" <META> tags. This will aid our search engine and enable your page to be more easily found. (If you wish to add any more <META> tags then please adhere to the Dublin Core Standard.)

  2. The title for the template page which appears at the top of the browser and is enclosed by <title></title> tags. This information is used by search engines.

  3. The template page heading which is enclosed by <h1></h1> tags.

  4. Authorship details: names and e-mail addresses. This will help to ensure that visitors know to whom to address their queries.

  5. The update and expiry date fields will inform visitors whether a page has been significantly changed since their last visit, or is out-of-date and in need of archiving. The date format used on this page is good because it is unambigous to both Americans and Europeans and is Y2K-compliant.

Page Maintainer(s): Author 1's name, Author 2's name
Page Creator(s): Creator 1's name, Creator 2's name
Last significant update: JAN-17-2002 Expiry date: JAN-01-2005